Saturday, April 23, 2005

Moving day

check me out

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ever more...

Here are some more of my favorite textile artists. I am staying in the quilt catagory for now.

Kristin miller. Her site has some great "quilting for Causes" pictures. some of her work is a little disturbing...

The Bryerpatch studio. This site has a ton of quilts in the gallery.

Amanda's art quilts. this site has some great embroidery as well.

Michele Hardy. I like her quilts because they look antique and modern at the same time.

Kristin miller quilts

bryerpatch studio

Michele Hardy

Michele Hardy

Amanda's art quilts

Amanda's art quilts

Amanda's art quilts

Bryerpatch studio

Bryerpatch studio


Another Japanese craft book, another frenzy of crafts. Here are the first little creations from my latest book.

My last gifts for the swap. Time to get it boxed up! I hope she likes everything...

Spring at last!!

And the seedlings are started. Tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs. Of course, as usual I have started the cucumbers to early. I have already transplanted them one. who knows how big they will become!!

Parsley and cilantro

some tomato plants, yearning for the sun.

more of the new babies...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

won't believe your eyes

These amazing quilts are from fractal art quilts. I found this site the other day and I spent about an hour on it. She has a lot of interesting info. on there...and if you read her bio and the info about her art you will find the roots of an interesting woman. I love to know the person behind the art so I just loved it.

Here is one of the amazing quilts.

This one is called Grease.

this is one of my favorites.

Monday, April 18, 2005

a new bag!

here are two bibs I made to include in my swap...they are a cross between a bib and an apron..

here are the backs...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

I think a cloud was passing over...these came out a little dark...these were inspired by my new Mary Englelbreit book!

A little irritated

Let me start off by saying that I love (and am addicted to) craftster. But I am a little irritated right now. I posted on one of the threads that I was giving these patterns away (operative phrase:giving away). After what must have only been minutes someone reported me to a moderator as someone who was "advertising" on craftster. Ok, well I agree that people should not use craftster as a billboard...however (being a contract negotiator) if you read the link they have about is for things you are selling. I don't believe that giving things away is selling. Craftster was nice about it...but they did have to delete the thread. I guess I am kind of angry that someone would report me. sheesh. try to do something nice! anyway, I certainly didn't mean to offend. but I won't be posting any more info about things I am looking to trade or give away on there. So if you want any info please contact me by email at
phew. I am done venting now. Thanks for letting me!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Homeless Patterns

I have removed the patterns that have been taken so far. As of this moment the ones left below on the site are still homeless. Please take a look and see if there are any you can use. Send me an address and I would be happy to send them to you.
I plan to post some more items that will need to be adopted so keep checking!!
(If the clothing patterns don't show up when you scroll down just hit the April post button and it should bring them up...)


Just a quick note...
I love, love, love the yarn at my paper crane. Have you seen this wonderful stuff? I do not knit or do anything with yarn (except make gods-eyes with my daughter)so I don't know what one would make with it. It has pom-poms (pons?) in it. If I were to buy it I would display it as it is. But I must know what people do with it!!! If anyone has a project that they have used it for please let me see...I am so curious. I must learn to knit...
(If you have not seen this yarn checking out the online shop is worth the trip. she has very interesting artwork as well. and stuffed items. Divine!)

Friday, April 15, 2005

Mother and child reunion

tonight I had a date with my son. my oldest one, who will be 11 on the 30th. Time is so fleeting. He wanted to go and check out all the new star wars legos at wal-mart (hey, go out with me and I pull out all the stops!) He knows so much about ster wars it is scary. if only he could learn his spelling words so well.
On our way out of Toys R Us (another favorite) I met a friend that I went to hairdressing school with. now, as I half explained earlier, I went to hairdressing school while I was in college so that I could get a job to work my way through the rest of college. at the time, somehow, this made sense to me. now that I have three children I have left my "regular" job and work four days a month in a salon. anyway, I digress, Christine was one of my best friends in hairdressing school and I have not seen her in years. Of course my hair was a mess tonight, no make up, frightening clothes that I had been cleaning the basement in earlier that day (the usual). Isn't that always the way? the only thing worse when you look like that is running into some old boyfriend who dumped, worse would be running into the girl he dumped you for. I had better start flat ironing before I leave the house!!!